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Important Notices

Precautions for equipment maintenance

During maintenance of pumps and heaters, improper operation may lead to energize the product, resulting in injury or electric shock.
When maintaining the equipment, be sure to turn off the breaker of the equipment.

August 31, 2021 10:41 AM

Regular replacement of the breaker

The breaker which is used in our company equipment may overheat anomalously.
The cause for the overheat of the breaker is presumed to be increased contact resistance due to aging.
Depending on the usage environment and operating conditions, please be sure to replace the breaker about every 15 years. When you find that the electric wire or breaker is discolored during the control panel inspection, immediately discontinue use and replace the breaker.

August 31, 2021 10:37 AM

Important Update: UPS Battery

UPS batteries which are used in our company equipment may overheat and begin to smoke.
It has been reported by the manufacturer that if UPS batteries are used beyond their lifespan, it may cause damage. The batteries may short circuit or the battery case may be damaged, which lead to smoke.
Please be sure to replace all UPS batteries before their expiration date, which can be found in the UPS instruction manual. Please note that expiration dates are affected by temperature and their storage and usage environments.

December 10, 2019 5:27 PM

Safe manual operation of the electron gun hearth's rotation system

There is a danger of injuring your fingers by catching them in the gap between the rotating hearth and the electron gun’s pole piece when exchanging chemicals for vapor deposition.
1.Make sure the hearth’s rotating system has completely stopped before exchanging chemicals for vapor deposition and cleaning the vapor source.

2.To prevent your fingers or clothing being caught in the rotating part of the hearth, keep your body away from the hearth when you press the switch to start it manually.

[Changing the control system]
It is possible to reconfigure the rotating hearth’s control system for safer operation.

October 29, 2012 1:33 PM

Measures to prevent explosion of an oil rotation pump

There is a report on an explosion accident occurring beside the oil-sealed rotary pump when burnable gas/flammable gas (oxygen gas) is exhausted.
You have to take proper measures for both pump and exhausted duct.

1. Measures by pump
a. It is effective to use inert oil for operating oil (Fomblin, Halocarbon, etc.) with the oil rotation pump.
b. Oil mist is not generated if you use a dry pump in that does not require operation oil as the oil-sealed rotary pump.

2.Measures of exhausted duct
* If the above measures cannot be used for your pump and active oil mist may occur, you can restrict dust explosion by exhausting the explosive gas and reducing the pressure. If you use an oil mist trap, please use fireproof and nondestructive type elements. For dilution of the burnable gas/flammable gas exhausted gas, start flow nitrogen into the gas ballast valve of the oil rotation pump. In addition, you can restrict the occurrence of static electricity, which becomes trigger of dust explosion, by using a metal exhaust duct and ground (JIS Class D), for the entire duct.
There is a lot of oil mist is contained in exhausted gas from the oil-sealed rotary pump. When burnable gas is exhausted, the oil mist becomes a nucleus and explodes within the exhausted duct which is a similar phenomena as dust explosion according to our experiment and onsite verification.

October 28, 2012 1:34 PM