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Product Information

Load Loack Type Sputter Thin Film Deposition Equipment RAS-1100BII

The RAS-1100BII is a sputter thin film deposition coater developed through our unique Radical Assisted Sputtering (RAS) technology, which enables high-quality thin optical films with no wavelength shift to be consistently produced at low temperatures. This medium-sized device can form functional films, including decorative and nitride films.

Load Loack Type Sputter Thin Film Deposition Equipment RAS-1100C

With the proprietary Radical Assisted Sputtering (RAS) method, the RAS-1100C equipment deposits high quality and highly-reproducible optical thin film with no wavelength shift at low temperatures. This is a small-sized entry model that provides functional thin film including decorative thin film and nitride film.

High-Speed (IAD) Vacuum Thin Film Deposition Equipment MIC-1350

Our company uses the technology we have developed over the years to create products that are not only more cost effective than existing products, but also succeed in delivering the same high level of performance and productivity.

Vacuum Thin Film Serial Deposition Equipment CES Series

CES is a series of vacuum thin film serial deposition equipment that can deposit high-quality and highly-reproducible optical film.
By attaching diverse components that incorporate various technologies, film deposition becomes possible for any application.
We have a variety of equipment lined up to meet each customer's needs.
With over 500 units sold, we proudly recommend this superior series.
CES series

Accurate Vacuum Thin Film Deposition Equipment ACE series

Our ACE Series is a versatile standard series of vacuum thin film deposition equipments of high performance. You are sure to find the equipment that suits your purposes among the diverse variations in the series.
The ACE Series equipments are high precision vacuum thin film deposition equipments that produce accurate optical multi-layer thin film on glass substrates. A combination of diverse components can be used as needed to achieve the deposition of film of higher quality.
ACE series

High-Performance Sputter BSC series

BSC Series consists of auto sputters with high sputter technologies and high productivity that deposit multiple layers of SiO2 and ITO on glass filters and glass substrates. The series has a wide range of product types that address the needs of everything from small to mass production.
BSC series

High-Performance Sputter BMS series

This is a series of sputter equipment that incorporates state-of-the-art film deposition technologies, addressing a wide range of needs in the applications of film deposition.
BMS series

Load Lock Type High-Performance metal Thin Film Deposition Equipment PMC series

PMC Series consists of equipment that provide dramatically stabilized film for use in SAW filter.
This provides extremely high quality film of Aluminum (Al-Cu alloy).
PMC series

Optical Film Thickness Gauges OPM series

Ion Source

Computer System for Film Deposition


ALD(Atomic Layer Deposition)