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Product Information


Accurate Vacuum Thin Film Deposition Equipment ACE series

Our ACE Series is a versatile standard series of vacuum thin film deposition equipments of high performance. You are sure to find the equipment that suits your purposes among the diverse variations in the series.
The ACE Series equipments are high precision vacuum thin film deposition equipments that produce accurate optical multi-layer thin film on glass substrates. A combination of diverse components can be used as needed to achieve the deposition of film of higher quality.



System Configuration

Base Dome Spherical dome (Φ718, Φ950, Φ1200, Φ1400 or Φ1700), Taper dome, Flat plate attachments, Reversing attachments
Optical Film Thickness Meter OPM-Z1
Crystalline Film Thickness Meter XTC/3S,IC/6
Computer system SDC-I
Vapor Source Electron gun system, Resistance heating system
Hearth Pot of φ35/φ40
Ion Source NIS-175, NIS-120, Ion-beam assistance, Ion-beam cleaning

Performance of Equipment

Evacuation Period Achieves 2×10-3Pa within 10 min. (Baseboard temperature of 300ºC)
Achievable Vacuum Pressure 5×10-5Pa or less
Heating Temperature of Baseboard 250ºC for normal use
Thickness Distribution Within 1.0% (under our delivery conditions)

Installation Conditions(Ex.)

Power Requirement Three-phase 200V±10% 70kW (Maximum power)
Requirement of Coolant Approx. 72L/min., 18-25ºC (Standard: 20ºC)
Required Compressed Air 0.5MPaG or higher (up to 0.7MPaG)
Installation Area W×D×H: 5150mm × 7000mm × 3150mm, requires 3500mm-high ceiling
Gross Weight Approx. 7600kg

inquiries about ACE series

* The product specifications may be modified for improved performance without any notice.
For details, please contact our sales division.