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Product Information

Vacuum Thin Film Serial Deposition Equipment CES Series

CES is a series of vacuum thin film serial deposition equipment that can deposit high-quality and highly-reproducible optical film.
By attaching diverse components that incorporate various technologies, film deposition becomes possible for any application.
We have a variety of equipment lined up to meet each customer's needs.
With over 500 units sold, we proudly recommend this superior series.



CES Series includes the following three types of equipment:

System Configuration

Base Dome Spherical Dome (Φ650, Φ720, Φ950, Φ1200, Φ1400 and Φ1850), Taper Dome, Flat plate attachments and Reversing attachments
Optical Film Thickness Meter OPM-Z1
Crystalline Film Thickness Meter
XTC/3S, IC/6
Computer System SDC-1
Vapor Source Electron gun system, Resistance heating system
Hearth Granular hearth, Tablet hearth
Ion Source NIS-120, Ion-beam assist, Ion-beam cleaning
System for auto-delivery of materials
System for water-repellent finishing

Performance of Equipment

The CES series has the following advantages compared to the batch type evaporation coaters.

  Serial Batch
Conducting Time*1 3 Domes/hr. 1 Dome/hr.
Maintenance Cycle*2 Once approx. every 48 hours once approx. every one hour
Pinhole (Contamination) Incidence*3 1 3 - 5
Incidence of Bad Spectral Characteristics*4 Within 1.0% 3.0% or more
*1: In the case where a plastic board is used, heating temperature is 70ºC and film deposition takes 15 minutes.
*2: Maintenance consists of the removal of particles adhering to the vapor deposition chamber during opening to the atmosphere and the resupply of samples.
*3: The incidence in serial type is set to 1 when the same maintenance is operated for both types.
*4: Incidence of bad spectral characteristics of five-layer W-type AR (antireflection) film for plastic glasses (Standard: Wavelength with W as an origin: 510±10nm).
Comparison made to our batch deposition type. These figures depend on specifications.

Installation Requirements

Power Requirements Three-phase 200V±10% Approx. 90kW (Maximum Power)
Required Coolant Approx. 170L/min. 18-25ºC (Standard: 20ºC)
Required Compressed Air 0.5MPaG or more (up to 0.7MPaG)
Installation Area WxDxH: 7000mm × 6500mm × 3850mm (requires 4150mm-high ceiling)
Gross Weight Approx. 11000kg

inquireis about CES Series

* The product specifications may be modified for improved performance without any notice.
For details, please contact our sales division.