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Product Information

We have a large line up of various components enabling a higher production environment.

HD Series Oil diffusion pumps

Shincron's proprietary high-performance oil diffusion pumps are smaller than traditional cylinder pumps and consume less power (60-70% of that of traditional ones). They are easy to maintain due to characteristics including less amount of oil return, an oil drain exit, an oil charge exit, an oil gauge and wheels.


The cryopumps condense, absorb and then exhaust gas molecules projected into the Chevron baffle or the cryoarray refrigerated to a very low temperature. What they can condense and exhaust includes vapor, oxygen, nitrogen and argon gas. With their high ability to exhaust vapor, they can provide stable productivity even for high water-absorbing materials such as plastic baseboards. Automated operation in large production equipment is also supported

MFC System Massflow controllers

These equipment introduce a controlled volume of gas to a vacuum chamber. They support automated control due to their remote-control component. The soft-start circuit incorporated in them avoids overshoot.

HL-14 halogen lamp heaters

Small heaters incorporated in the vacuum equipment. The high thermal efficiency of a halogen heater combined with the high resistance to acids of the ceramic reflector achieves a quick and even increase of temperature. Also, the temperature can be stabilized with an SCR control system.

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