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Product Information

RF(Radio Frequency) Excitation Ion Source, Embedded Type

NIS-175 Features

  • A large current of up to 1.2A is available.
  • The structure of non-electrode discharge eliminates the risk of contamination.
  • Long continuous operation made possible by filamentless structure.
  • Auto-matching system for RF enables stable discharge.
  • Drastically reduces maintenance time.

RF(Radio Frequency) Excitation Ion Source

NIS-120 Features

  • High-power output with low power consumption.
  • Reduced formation of contaminants.
  • Uniform distribution of ion current.
  • Reduced fluctuation in current density distribution.
  • Extended product-life of the neutralizer.
  • Greater ease of maintenance.


  NIS-175 NIS-120
Ionization Method RF Excitation RF Excitation
Ionization Method 175mm 120mm
Shape of Electrodes Dome Dome
Ion Energy 100-1000eV 100-1000eV
Total Current of Ion 1200mA 550mA
Outer Diameter Φ310 × H210 Φ200 × H670
Neutralizer Current Max. 2000mA Max. 1000mA

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