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Product Information


High-Speed (IAD) Vacuum Thin Film Deposition Equipment MIC-1350

Our company uses the technology we have developed over the years to create products that are not only more cost effective than existing products, but also succeed in delivering the same high level of performance and productivity.


System Configuration

Base Dome Dome (Φ1200mm)
Optical Film Thickness Meter OPM-Z1
Crystalline Film Thickness Meter XTC/3S
Controlling System SDC-1
Vapor Source Electron Gun (1or2)
Hearth Φ35 30-point pot or Φ40 30-point pot
Ion Source NIS-175

Performance of Equipment

Evacuation Period To 2×10-2Pa within 10 min. (Baseboard temperature of 250ºC, cleaned and no-load condition)
Achievable Vacuum Pressure 5×10-5Pa or less (Room temperature, cleaned and no-load condition)
Temperature distribution of baseboard 250±10ºC
Film thickness distribution of a single layer Δnd < ±1.0% (30-point pot on dome(Φ1200mm))

Installation Conditions

Power Requirement Three-phase 200V±10% 97kW(50/60Hz) A-type contact
Requirement of Coolant 87L/min
Required Compressed Air 0.5〜0.7MPaG
Installation Area W×D×H: 3900mm × 7700mm × 2800mm (including maintenance space)
Gross Weight Approx. 6500kg

inquiries about MIC-1350

* The product specifications may be modified for improved performance without any notice.
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