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Product Information

Load Loack Type Sputter Thin Film Deposition Equipment RAS-1100BII

The RAS-1100BII is a sputter thin film deposition coater developed through our unique Radical Assisted Sputtering (RAS) technology, which enables high-quality thin optical films with no wavelength shift to be consistently produced at low temperatures. This medium-sized device can form functional films, including decorative and nitride films.


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System Configuration

Installed Baseboard Vertically-placed rotary drum
Optical Film Thickness Meter Optional
Crystalline Film Thickness Meter None
Computer System SSC-1
RAS Structure Sputter Source + Oxidation Reaction Source
Rotary Cathode Optional
Additional Targets Optional (for chamber 1, single plate only)
High-vacuum Evacuation System Optional (for chamber 1 only)

Performance of Equipment

Evacuation Period (Film deposition room) Achieves 1×10-3Pa within 30 min. (under our measurement conditions)
Evacuation Period (Preprocess room) From atmospheric pressure to 7Pa within 7 min. (under our measurement conditions)
Achievable Vacuum Pressure 1×10-4Pa or less
Heating Temperature of Baseboard No heating
Thickness Distribution CV (Coefficient of Variance) = within 0.5% (under our delivery conditions)

Installation Requirements

Power Requirement Three-phase 200V±10% 68kW (Maximum Power)
Requirement of Coolant Approx. 140L/min. 18-24ºC (Standard: 20ºC)
Required Compressed Air 0.5MPa or more (up to 0.7MPa)
Installation Area W×D×H: 4300mm × 6300mm × 2700mm (requires 3000mm-high ceiling)
Gross Weight Approx. 9000kg

inquiries about RAS-1100BII

* The product specifications may be modified for improved performance without any notice.
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