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Personal Information

We will ask for your personal information such as name, address, telephone number, email address, company information, etc, as necessary. We strictly follow the following guidelines to use personal information that you provide with us.

  1. We never disclose your personal information to any third person without your consent.
    * However, it is excluded if the following conditions are considered.

    *When we subcontract business to our business partners who operate our tasks in order to distribute our technical information, etc. In such case, our business partner must follow our guideline regarding handling customers' personal information in the same manner as our company and strictly control all information. In addition, they never use the information other than the specified purposes.

    *If we are requested from judiciary, government, or other related organization to submit the information according to laws or regulations.

  2. We properly respond to any question or inquiry from customers.
  3. We take appropriate information protection measures at technical and management levels and keep all records properly to avoid any unlawful access, loss, manipulation, or leakage of information that our customers provided.

*Please use our "Inquiry Form" on this website if you want ask, confirm, or change the information that you provided. Or, please call us at 045-650-2400.

*Handling information of the linked website information
Our guidelines regarding information do not cover the linked pages that belong to other companies and individuals, so we will not be held responsible for the contents.

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