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Technical Information

For creation of next generation standards We are challenging new ideas of optical thin film solution.

TiO2 thin film deposition is realized using the RAS series.

Higher inflection ratio is required to design multi-layer optical thin film and many engineers looked forward to this for TiO2 thin film deposition. SHINCRON realized the TiO2 thin film deposition with the RAS series developed with our unique technology. The RAS series continues challenging issues that our customers require.

Feature 1 Higher inflection ratio can be obtained with less optical loss.

The wavelength distribution of the optical constant for the RAS TiO2 thin film

SEM image of RAS TiO2 thin film cross section

Feature 2 Higher reproduction between batches

Consecutive 3 batch reproduction with optical characteristics of UV-IR cut filter created by double layer RAS TiO2/SiO2

Feature 3 Stable performance where wavelength shift is less likely to occur.

Environmental stability and resistance of 29 layers of RAS TiO2/SiO2 filter (boiling pure water for one hour)